All marble slabs have the same general characteristics, despite being mined in different countries. However, slabs of the same colour vary to a greater degree than man-made engineered stones. We recommend you inspect your slab’s colour and pattern prior to it being cut.



To see a full list of the possible stone colours see our stockists – Universal Granite

Resistance & Durability

For normal kitchen use, it is scratch resistant. However it’s always a good idea to put down a mat or tea towel when laying down hard objects like pots, pans, and cutlery. Use a trivet or chopping board when placing down a hot pot or pan. As a natural stone, marble is porous – but it won’t stain if you are mindful, and clean up spillages as they occur. Avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals.


Clean with hot soapy water, and a microfibre cloth. Dry the surface afterwards with a tea towel or soft cloth. We also stock a product called Lithofin Easy Clean which helps maintain the quality of your top.


Slabs are available in 30mm thickness, and some colours are also available in 20mm. It can be mitred to form thicker profiles, although this may not be possible in some colours.