How to Care for your Stone


For everyday cleaning in a busy house hold – we recommend you use hot soapy water with a Micro Fibre cloth, Dry the surface with a tea towel or soft cloth.

We also recommend Lithofin Easy Clean – you can buy this direct from us. This product helps with maintaining your bench top.


For normal kitchen use – the stone is scratch resistant. However Gemstone and Tungsten will scratch.


Under normal conditions Granite should not stain. As with any surface if coloured or oil based (Butter, Margarine ) product’s are left out on your bench for a long period of time there is a chance it will stain or discolour.

If an oil based spillage accrues – clean straight away, if you have a stain that will not shift please contact Absolute Stone straight away.

Long term Care

Remember Granite is a natural product and like any other product, Quartz, and Marble are not indestructible. Try and avoid standing or sitting on unsupported areas.

Try And Avoid rapid temperature change. For example – a HOT POT straight from the oven. We recommend using a Trivet or a chopping board.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call our friendly team here at Absolute Stone.