Silestone is a dense, non-porous man-made stone that delivers unsurpassed reliability and performance. It’s the only countertop with antimicrobial protection included in every slab. It also has an extensive variety of naturally beautiful colors.


It is manufactured with 94% natural quartz, which is one of nature’s strongest elements. Antimicrobial product protection is built-in during manufacturing to provide continuous protection.


It is produced by the Cosentino Group in Spain.

Resistance & Durability

Silestone’s non-porous surface protects your countertops from staining, and prevents liquids from penetrating the surface. It is scratch and stain resistant with no sealing required. All Silestone products come with a 25-year warranty.


Clean with warm soapy water.


Silestone slabs are generally available in 20mm and 30mm thicknesses, which can be run directly on our machinery – saving time and money. We can also mitre 20mm slabs to create a seamless edge profile of 40mm and above.

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