Fine-tuning your life with nature is very easy with UniQuartz countertop slabs. Given the combination of hard quartz stone (93%) and the binding properties of polymer resins (7%), UniQuartz is an engineering marvel.

UniQuartz slabs can beat natural stones like granite and marble in looks and strength and are suited to kitchens, bathrooms, other counter tops that need non porous, stain resistant, tough surfaces. Rest assured, we use the most environment friendly methods for manufacturing quality quartz countertops.

Our countertops come with incredible sheen and fit in seamlessly, givng you joint-free slabs. As against the regular size of 3.00′ x 1.40′ common with other manufaturers, UniQuartz Super Size slabs measure 3.20′ x 1.60′.These provide you with the ability to minimize unsightly joints in countertops and provide more economic cutting of your countertops to save you money.

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Wellingon Granite